Going Green

Ensystex is a global, research-based company focused on providing environmentally responsible, effective, urban pest management solutions and has achieved a high international reputation for these products.

Ensystex prioritises environmental responsibility in its product development and production processes. For example, rodenticides and insect light traps are packed using recycled cardboard instead of plastic buckets and foam packaging. The ECOTHOR ACTIVE NATURE® range focuses on developing products free of traditional neurotoxins. Ensystex also offers termite colony elimination solutions through EXTERRA® and EXTERRA EVER-READY®, replacing soil-applied termiticides. Additionally, Ensystex and EXTERRA proudly sponsor the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Ensystex has achieved international recognition for the green credentials of its TRITHOR Termite Protection System, used in new constructions, through Global GreenTag. This third-party certification service evaluates products for health, eco-performance, safety, and ethics. Global GreenTag certified products meet the world's toughest standards and are recognized and trusted in over 70 countries, including Australia, the USA, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.

TRITHOR has received the GreenRate A certification for product sustainability and the Product Health Declaration PlatinumHEALTH rating, making it suitable for use in sensitive environments, including asthma and allergy housing. TRITHOR also holds a "Very Good" rating from the Singapore Green Building Council.

Ensystex believes that the future lies in more natural pest solutions, digital innovations, and methods that move away from traditional broadscale pesticide applications. We are achieving this through our own initiatives and partnerships with leading companies in Europe, the USA, and Japan, leveraging our direct-to-market distribution across the region.

We invite you to join us on this journey.