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EXTERRA EVER-READY® TERMITE COLONY DEFENCE SYSTEM EXTERRA EVER-READY® is the latest advance in termite colony elimination from Ensystex, the global leader in this field.

EXTERRA EVER-READY is designed to continuously safeguard your home, always ready and able to intercept and eliminate termite colonies – from the moment of install, and every moment of every day thereafter.

EXTERRA EVER-READY is a unique, environmentally responsible solution, defending your home from termite infestations with its EVERREADY EZ Stations linked together, forming a Termite Interception Zone™, to provide a protective shield right around your home.

EXTERRA EVER-READY uses the World’s Number One Termite Bait, REQUIEM®, present in a natural Termite Bait Disk Sack, to provide this extended, continuously active protection.


The EVER-READY Defence Shield

The EZ Stations are linked to each other by FOCUS Termite Attractant™ which forms a Termite Interception Zone between each EZ Station to effectively surround your home, greatly improving its termite defences.

FOCUS Termite Attractant is a non-toxic, food based product that interacts with naturally occurring microbes in the soil to mimic the gaseous odours given off naturally by the decaying timbers that termites prefer to feast upon. It creates a natural, gaseous trail for the termites to follow into the EZ Stations, defending against termites passing between Stations, as can so easily happen with other systems.

A REQUIEM EVER-READY Termite Bait Disk Sack® is secured in each EZ Station, containing the most palatable termite bait on the market. This means your EXTERRA EVER-READY Termite Protection System is active from the start.

Any termites present in the vicinity of your home are going to be actively intercepted. The colony elimination process will commence as soon as the termites start feeding on the bait.


Kills the entire colony including the queen

The worker termites will feed the REQUIEM through the entire colony, ensuring the entire colony, including the queen (and king) termites, are eliminated. But don’t just take our word for this, there are more than a dozen, peer reviewed, published, scientific papers from leading researchers, that confirm the efficacy and palatability of REQUIEM Termite Bait. That’s clever science that other systems can’t show!

Your EXTERRA professional pest manager will periodically inspect the EZ Stations and replenish them as required. EXTERRA EVER-READY provides you the added security of knowing that, even if a scheduled inspection is delayed, the EZ Stations are always actively charged with termite killing bait, so your home is better protected.

After eliminating any attacking colonies, fresh REQUIEM EVER-READY Termite Bait is placed in the EXTERRA EZ Stations, so they continue to defend your home against future invasions, offering you a long-term termite protection system that’s easy on the environment.