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Permanent and Intelligent Remote Monitoring of Rodents

Rodenthor Digital works for your customers and for you - and keeps on working. Save money for customers, make money for you. Learn more.

Change from manual inspections to automatic, more efficient, more greener inspections

With a goal towards advancing food security and more sustainable pest management practices, RODENTHOR DIGITAL is powered by the internationally acclaimed GreenTrapOnline (GTO) system to provide intelligent, 24/7 monitoring of rodents.

RODENTHOR DIGITAL is constantly monitoring and notifying you of rodent activity and catches in real-time. This allows prompt action to be taken, speeding up root cause analysis and thus reducing the risk of infestations growing.

Digital solutions allow professional pest managers to receive an early warning of pest activity and provide quick treatment to avoid risks of infestation, reduce the use of rodenticides, and reduce labour costs.

RODENTHOR DIGITAL is a wireless solution built on LoRa (long range private network) communication from the sensors to the GT Gateway, which connects the system to the internet. The GT Gateway can run any number of sensors. LoRa transmission means energy consumption is low, which is reflected in the sensor batteries lasting for seven years, after which they are replaceable, ensuring longevity of use.

The GT Gateway connects over the 4G network, ensuring coverage throughout urban Australia and high data security. Microsoft Azure software further ensures data security. Professional pest managers can install the system on site themselves, with no need of assistance.

- 24/7 – 365 automatic & permanent monitoring – not only catch.

- Early warning and opportunity for quick treatment.

- Avoid risks of infestation.

- Reduce the use of rodenticides.

- Immediate alarm in case of rodent activity from both mice and rats.

- Plug and play – easy to install and operate.

- Unique multi-sensor capabilities.

- Avoid frequent inspections of empty bait stations.

- Speed up root cause analysis.

- Monitor difficult to reach and high security areas.

- Less business disruption.

- Delivers documentation, Intelligent reporting, data analysis, and Improved audit readiness.


It's as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4

1. Monitor & detect

The multi- sensor system can detect rodent movements, as well as detecting snap trap releases. Rats are shy animals that explore areas slowly. Historic data from millions of detections show that, on average, the system detects rodent activity 9 days before rodent entrapment occurs.

2. Send & notify

When the sensor detects rodent activity and/or a snap trap release, it sends an email
notification immediately, so appropriate action can be taken.

3. Document & report 

All rodent activity is securely stored on the webportal, documented, and analyzed. This gives you the opportunity to proactively improve your pest strategy. The alarm advises the time and place of the activity. It also provides digital reporting and data analytics to give improved audit readiness.

4. Treat

Use your preferred bait station, bait, and traps.

RODENTHOR DIGITAL has plug-and-play simplicity, easy set-up, and great flexibility. The GT Sensor can detect motion, vibration, or both. This allows for use with traps, or without traps, e.g., in run-through Stations or Stations that hold bait, whether it be a toxic bait or a monitor bait, in any Station type you prefer.

Sensors can be placed indoors or outside, and around any facility. Few other systems offer this flexibility in a proven package that has been in the European market since 2005.

The sensors are actually independent of the traps and bait stations and can be used with rodenticides or snap traps. In many cases they are used without anything. In banks and data centres, operators just monitor cable trays.

Sensor fit any bait station.

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