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Effective Open Space Bird Control

The Avithor Eagle Eye bird chaser is the most effective open area bird deterrent in the world today.

Birds become disoriented and irritated by the reflected light beams that flash at various angles from the rotating Eagle Eye units. The light bands, including the ultraviolet and infrared bands in the light spectrum are reflected back to the bird imitating the presence of a predator bird.

This causes the bird to deviate in flight and fly to another destination. It does not affect sitting birds but hinders the bird at the angle which they come in to land at their destination. Once chased away from their sitting position the bird will eventually not return to where the Eagle Eye is installed.

The Eagle Eye is fitted with a 12 volt DC motor to make it turn at a specific speed, reflecting the light beams at constant intervals. It can be powered by making use of a 12-volt transformer, a Solar Panel or a 12 volt battery. A time switch can also be used to switch the Eagle EyeTM on and off as required.

The Eagle Eye functions optimally in direct sunlight. Artificial light can be used for indoor application or shady areas but is not as affective as direct sunlight and more units will be needed to cover the same area. (A specific light type is required.)

Avithor Eagle Eye has proven to be effective for significantly reducing pest bird numbers and bats in a variety of applications including, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, airstrips and agricultural situations.


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