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ZENITHOR Gel Ant Bait represents the culmination of many years of patient research, detailed formulation development and field trials to provide you with the most palatable and effective ant gel.

ZENITHOR Gel Ant Bait has been formulated to provide a stable gel even in hot tropical conditions, whilst providing a moist, viscous presentation at all times to ensure superior consumption by ants for an extended time frame.

ZENITHOR Gel Ant Bait is highly attractive to ants immediately upon application and remains palatable for an extended period. However, the majority of ant feeding activity occurs within the first 24-72 hours after placement.

ZENITHOR Gel Ant Bait contains 0.5 g/kg (S)-indoxacarb. Following consumption, ZENITHOR is metabolised into a deadly insect neurotoxin, causing gradual death. This process, referred to as ZENITHOR Enzyme Bio-Aactivation™ adds to both the safety profile of the product and its efficacy. This delay for Bio-Activation to occur ensures the ants return to the nest with the active and the entire colony is eliminated.

The ZENITHOR Viral Transfer Effect™ is where we see the magic of ZENITHOR and the ZENITHOR Enzyme Bio-activation process. The indoxacarb has to be converted by the ants’ enzyme systems into its highly potent bio-active form (N-decarbomethoxyllated indoxacarb). This takes a few hours to occur which means the ants have time to return to the colony and share the toxicant through trophallaxis with the other members of the colony, thus ensuring that ZENITHOR Gel Ant Bait eliminates the entire colony. In fact research has shown it can be distributed as far as 25 to 50 metres from the initial point of feeding.

For optimal performance, ZENITHOR Gel Ant Bait can be used with our ACCUTHOR™ Precision Metered Gel Gun. ACCUTHOR is crafted from polished stainless steel and ensures precise targeting and fast placement of all your gel baits.

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