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With its discreet design, the HARRIER NOVA™ LED is recommended for use in supermarkets, warehouses, stores and dry industrial environments. Easy to service, stylish and effective; the HARRIER NOVA™ LED offers it all.

LED LAMPS: LED technology offers clear advantagesin terms of efficiency (lower energy consumption) and lifespan (3 years).

GLUEBOARDS: Insects are caught on a glue layer, which preserves them over time. The caught insects can be counted and insect species can be analysed, which offers clear advantages in an IPM approach.

Effective & proven design Energy saving UV-A LED technology offers over 276

kW of savings per unit per year.

Lifespan of 3 years (25.000 hrs) with this UV-A LED

lamps which means significantly less landfill when compared to fluorescent lamps that are replaced annually.

Environmentally friendly: no restricted chemicals usedin the product design.

RoHS / REACH / ISO and CB compliant

Fast and simple maintenance of the unit.

Optimized glueboard offers fast catch results and a fast analysis

High quality casing

Fast mounting and fast service