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PROTHOR Water-based Termiticide

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PROTHOR Termite Defence Zone. When applied to soil at recommended concentrations, PROTHOR is undetectable by termites as they tunnel through it. Since termites can't detect PROTHOR treated soil, they can't avoid it. And, when termites do tunnel in soil treated with PROTHOR, they are killed by their contact with PROTHOR.

PROTHOR Viral Effect. When termites unknowingly tunnel through PROTHOR treated soil, they accumulate PROTHOR on the outside of their bodies. PROTHOR does not immediately kill termites exposed to it. So when a termite is exposed to PROTHOR treated soil, the delayed toxicity of PROTHOR allows for a period of time after exposure to PROTHOR during which a PROTHOR contaminated termite can interact with non-exposed termite nestmates.

Because termites habitually clean or groom each other as part of their social behaviour, termites that clean termites recently exposed to PROTHOR are themselves secondarily exposed to PROTHOR and killed. This transmission of PROTHOR from termite to termite which cannot be detected or avoided by termites is referred to as the PROTHOR Viral EffectTM And it doesn't stop there....

Termites are cannibals and when a termite dies their nestmates quickly eat them. Because the cannibal nestmates are unaware of the presence of PROTHOR on the dead nestmate they are eating, the nestmates are killed, thereby multiplying the effects of PROTHOR. What began as the exposure of a small number of colony members to PROTHOR becomes a nightmare for many members of the colony.

PROTHOR Defence Shield. The active ingredient in PROTHOR has some very special and unique soil binding properties. Chemists call these special properties Hysteretic Binding. This unique chemistry means that PROTHOR is relatively slow to bind to soil particles, but once it does bind, it grips very tightly. This means better dispersion of the PROTHOR through the soil when it is applied. But when PROTHOR finally stops moving, it grips the soil particles around it tightly to ensure that your PROTHOR Termite Defence Zone remains in place for a long time; to keep on killing termites. This Hysteretic Binding effect is important because it ensures that the PROTHOR Termite Defence Shield created around your home is as complete and continuous as possible.

Product Details

Active Ingredients:

200 g/L imidacloprid

Insecticide Group:


Formulation Type:

Water-based, micro-fine suspension concentrate

Pests Controlled:


Pack Size / Code:

3 L (CHEPR1000)

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