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Natural Mineral Snail and Slug Killer

With Elemental Iron

The Only Certified Organic Input to kill Snail and Slugs

A unique component of Natural Mineral Snail and Slug Killer is elemental iron, which is a more effective natural alternative to toxic chemical baits such as metaldehyde and methiocarb, with the product displaying similar or better levels of control and protection.

In fact, all the ingredients are currently used in either food for human consumption, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics for human applications. 

The low pH in the snail’s gut activates the product and causes the snails and slugs to stop feeding, leading to the death of the molluscs. 


TYPE Ready to use pelletised bait

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 10 g/kg iron powder



Label 1 kg

Label 5 kg

Label 20 kg

Label 200 kg

ACO Certificate