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A Generational Breakthrough in Rodenticide Technology Kills Rats & Mice Faster Than Other Rodenticides

First rodenticide to include flourescent tracking with palatability optimised to the the rodent’s senses of sight, smell and taste.


Key Features

Contains 15 g Blocks so your bait goes further.

  • Two actives; MUSKIL blends two different Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs), difenacoum and bromadiolone, together to create a rodenticide that outperforms any other product in the market in terms of speed of kill and reduced risk to pets. 
  • MUSKIL has also been uniquely formulated; To provide improved palatability. MUSKIL’s FLUO-NP Technology helps overcome Bait Shyness and allows you to track rodents and bait consumption for improved monitoring and higher standards of safety in HACCP managed food establishments.
  • Power from synergy; By combining two actives we create a unique product that kills the toughest rodents, including those resistant to other anti-coagulant rodenticides. The two actives combine together to create a synergistic effect with each dynamically intensifying the effects of the other, to create a more potent solution than either alone, yet at the same time achieving reduced risk to people and pets.
  • Cost Effective; MUSKIL kills rodents faster, so often less bait is consumed, which helps reduce the costs of your management programs. Plus the neophobic response to MUSKIL is much lower than with traditional baits using standard dyes, therefore bait is accepted more quickly, more palatable and more efficient in use.
  • FLUO-NP Technology; is an abbreviation of Fluorescent No Phobia. The No Phobia aspect is in reference to how MUSKIL overcomes the rodent’s natural neophobia, which relates to the commonly observed behaviour of bait shyness, where rodents are reticent to feed on a bait. Numerous field trials and commercial results have proven that MUSKIL can defeat bait shyness.



The FLUO-NP contributes to the primary bait acceptance of MUSKIL, thereafter, the formulated ingredients enhance the palatability. MUSKIL has been prepared specifically for Australian and Asian markets and provides improved palatability for our local rats and mice, especially the black rat (Rattus rattus). MUSKIL employs high quality aromatic ingredients to entice rodents to the bait coupled with high grade proteins to ensure optimal feeding.

All rodenticides have added colour dyes to deter feeding by birds and other animals with full colour vision. However all the usual dyes used in rodent baits can be detected by rodents and do slightly deter feeding. University trials have shown that the FLUO-NP dyes used in MUSKIL are non-detectable to rodents providing for further improvements in palatability.


Product Details

Active Ingredients: 0.025 g/kg bromadiolone, 0.025 g/kg difenacoum
Insecticide Group: Hydroxycoumarins
Formulation Type: All weather block
Pests Controlled: Rats and mice
Pack Size / Code: 10 kg (RDTB1173), 3 kg (RDTB1032)


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