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MAXXTHOR® TURBO Targeted Insecticide

Unique Suspo-emulsion formulation with three actives!

In an industry first, Ensystex brings a new concept in insecticide formulation technology to the professional pest management market. This allows for our unique combination of three active ingredients, each with strongly differing physical properties, in one formulation. As a suspo-emulsion (SE) MAXXTHOR TURBO consists of an organic emulsion phase combined with an aqueous suspension phase for premium performance and reduced call-backs. In essence this gives you two formulations in the one bottle:

  1. An emulsion in water (EW) of imiprothrin with piperonyl butoxide. This phase of finely distributed droplets provides super-fast knockdown and kill of pyrethroid tolerant insects.
  2. A suspension concentrate (SC) of finely distributed particles of bifenthrin for long term residual performance.

MAXXTHOR TURBO is the most complete insecticide available to Professional Pest Managers:

  • Maximum target insect effectiveness at time of application, through super fast knockdown with the organic phase droplets rapidly penetrating the insect cuticle.
  • More even application of the insecticide over surfaces to provide optimal residual performance, through the more even spread created by the fine organic phase droplets.
  • No volatilisation of the imiprothrin and piperonyl butoxide due their being protected by the organic oil phase, which further ensures improved knockdown.
  • Long-term residual performance through the micro-particles of bifenthrin which remain locked on surfaces to keep on killing.

Product Details

Active Ingredients:

100 g/L bifenthrin, 10 g/L imiprothrin, 120 g/L piperonyl butoxide

Insecticide Group:

Synergised pyrethroid

Formulation Type:


Pests Controlled:

Controls a wide range of pests as per the product label

Pack Size / Code:

1 L  (CHEMT1002)

Resistance Group:


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MAXXTHOR is a registered trademark of Ensystex, Inc. used under licence in Australia by Ensystex Australasia Pty Ltd and in New Zealand by Ensystex New Zealand Ltd.