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MAXXTHOR® SAND Granule Insecticide

MAXXTHOR SAND is Simply the Best Option..... for Ants, Ticks, Fleas & Turf Pests.

The perfect choice for the toughest outdoor jobs. No odour, High performance, and Long-term residual action; plus all the safety features you demand - GUARANTEED.

MAXXTHOR SAND penetrates the densest foliage to get the insecticide to where the pests are.

Key Features

Heavy sand granule formulation penetrates the densest foliage to get the insecticide to where the pests are; This makes MAXXTHOR Sand Granule Insecticide the optimal product for external control of ants, fleas and ticks in gardens, lawns, around BBQ’s, the perimeter of properties, etc.

Withstands degradation by sunlight & heat;
To give you better results and fewer call-backs.

Not affected by rain; In fact MAXXTHOR Sand Granules can be activated by spraying with water. This also means you can apply it in rainy weather so there is no need to cancel jobs due to inclement weather.

Not noticeable on most target surfaces; Your clients see little evidence of your actual treatment, simply a reduction in their ant problems.

Non-sensitising; No skin sensitivity issues under normal usage.

Safe to plants; Can be safely applied to plants, lawns, shrubs for tick or ant control in particular, without any adverse effects.

Can be applied around Exterra Monitoring Stations; This can help you resolve problems in-ground with ants infesting your EXTERRA program. This is the only granular product approved for this usage. It can also be placed underneath the EXTERRA Termite Baiting Station. NB: DO NOT apply directly to station or interceptors.

Not classified as a scheduled poison; So you can use MAXXTHOR Sand Granule Insecticide with confidence in even the most sensitive environments.

No mixing, no dilution; Makes MAXXTHOR Sand Granule Insecticide quick and convenient to use and speeds up your treatment process.

Rapidly metabolised in plants and mammals; Making it safe to use in even the most sensitive environments.


MAXXTHOR SAND is a pyrethroid insecticide. MAXXTHOR Sand Granule Insecticide was developed and formulated specifically for professional pest management treatments. Ideal for use as a repellent barrier on lawns, garden beds, in between pavers or any other external situation.

MAXXTHOR Sand Granule Insecticide will reactivate each time moisture is introduced and remain active for longer. Since bifenthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide it displays relatively low levels of mammalian and avian (bird) toxicity.

Product Details

Active Ingredients:

2 g/kg bifenthrin

Insecticide Group:


Formulation Type:

Sand granules

Pests Controlled:

Ants, fleas, ticks and lawn pests

Pack Size / Code:

4 x 5 kg (CHEMX1021)

Resistance Group:


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AQIS Approval


5 kg   


 5 kg


MAXXTHOR is a registered trademark of Ensystex, Inc. used under licence in Australia by Ensystex Australasia Pty Ltd and in New Zealand by Ensystex New Zealand Ltd.