HYMENOPTHOR® ULTRA Granular Ant & Cockroach Bait

Next Generation Technology Ant and Cockroach Bait powered by Fipronil - kills all species of ants and cockroaches, including nymphal stages!

Liquid Oil Phase Release™ Technology ensures uptake of the fipronil by ants and produces results equal to those of Gel Baits for cockroaches - including nymphal stages.

Simply the most advanced ant bait available with a unique range of feeding attractants designed to enhance insect feeding - highly palatable and highly active.

Opens up new opportunities for professional pest managers when dealing with cockroaches. The only granular bait on the market registered for German cockroaches and Periplaneta spp cockroaches. HYMENOPTHOR ULTRA provides exceptional levels of control since it meets the cockroaches’ preference for a solid cereal based diet, which means they eat more of the granular bait. It is especially useful for the control of Periplaneta spp around areas such as grease traps, sewers and manholes. Sprinkling bait granules in these areas is a new management option for fast control.

Specially designed in a convenient shaker pack.    

HYMENOPTHOR ULTRA has been tested and approved for addition to EXTERRA Stations where it will not deter feeding by termites.


HYMENOPTHOR ULTRA is highly effective for the control of American cockroaches. In fact no other product compares.

The videos here show the before and after (24 hours later) effects from a treatment to an outhouse in a disadvantaged area of northern Australia.

We apologise for the video quality, but the results are amazing.

In the first video you can see the extent of the problem, with the walls coated with cockroaches; so much so that you could actually hear their bodies rustling.

This had been a persistent problem for many years....


The outhouse was treated and the second video shows the results the very next day, after the cockroaches had been cleaned off the floor.... Not a live cockroach in sight. 

And the property remains free of cockroaches to this day.

Video 1 - Before Treatment

Video 2 - After Treatment

Product Details

Active Ingredients:

0.1 g/kg fipronil

Insecticide Group:


Formulation Type:

Granular bait - ready-to-use

Pests Controlled:

Ants and cockroaches, all species

Pack Size / Code:

450 g (CHEHU1000)

Resistance Group:


For more information:

Information Brochure


AQIS Approval


450 g 

20 kg 


 450 g

HYMENOPTHOR is a registered trademark of Ensystex, Inc. used under licence in Australia by Ensystex Australasia Pty Ltd and in New Zealand by Ensystex New Zealand Ltd.