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HOPSTOP Spray Control for Cane Toads

HOPSTOP is a unique product, developed in Australia, that kills cane toads safely, effectively and humanely.

HOPSTOP is an aerosol spray, containing chloroxylenol as the active constituent, that is sprayed directly onto toads without any need to touch the animals. It anaesthetises toads within seconds, and kills them humanely in 30 - 60 minutes. Toads are physically unmarked by the treatment, and do not display unacceptable physical signs of distress or trauma as a consequence of treatment. In fact HOPSTOP is approved by the RSPCA for cane toad control, and by the Queensland Schools Animal Ethics Committee for euthanasing toads for school laboratory studies.

HOPSTOP is an important product for the safety of domestic pets and the protection of Australia’s wildlife. It also potentially opens up new opportunities for professional pest managers in cane toad affected regions through the provision of either toad control services or the supply of HOPSTOP to clients.

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