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DELTATHOR® Insecticide

The proven, high performance, quality insecticide that combines the most powerful residual action with the safety features you demand - GUARANTEED.

Deltathor is an aqueous (water-based) suspension concentrate. With suspension concentrates particle size is critically important. If the particles are too large the product will leave unsightly residues, if too small they will sink into porous surfaces. For this reason Ensystex uses a custom-built, highly refined double milling process to ensure a micro-fine particle size. These micro-fine particles are then more easily picked up by the insects, yet they will remain on porous surfaces to give you improved residual performance on even the most difficult surfaces such as concrete.

Ensystex then uses a sophisticated suspension system to suspend the particles in the water-based formulation and protect it from degradation and microbial / fungal attack. This is demonstrated in the above photo which shows the performance of the Deltathor when compared to the original Industry Standard product. This ensures that the deltamethrin in Deltathor remains suspended in your spray tank so whenever you spray you are placing the optimal amount of deltamethrin onto your treated surface. (Of course you should always agitate your spray mix prior to commencing a treatment program.) Since Deltathor is water-based and contains only the purest ingredients, you can be sure it will not cause staining, unless water alone would cause an issue.

Deltathor contains deltamethrin which remains arguably the most active of all the residual pyrethroids. This is because the deltamethrin in Deltathor is a pure, single isomer blend (Simplistically, an isomer is how the chemical is shaped). Different chemical isomers perform differently, and the blend in Deltathor is the most pure and insecticidally active giving you premium performance.

Deltamethrin has been registered in Australia for use by Pest Management Professionals since 1984, and personnel at Ensystex have been associated with the development and support of deltamethrin since before then, so you can be sure of quality advice and care.

And of course Deltathor comes with a written Quality Performance and Support Guarantee from Ensystex, your contractual agreement from Ensystex that we will be there to support you - ALWAYS!

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 5 L

Usage Booklet

DELTATHOR is a registered trademark of Ensystex, Inc. used under licence in Australia by Ensystex Australasia Pty Ltd and in New Zealand by Ensystex New Zealand Ltd.