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CYPERTHOR® Insecticide

A Powerful Alternative - CYPERTHOR

The high performance, quality insecticide that combines the powerful residual action of an alternative pyrethroid active!

High quality water-based suspension concentrate gives you improved residual performance and no visible residues.

Key Features

Withstands degradation by sunlight, heat & once dry is unaffected by rain; To give you a better result and fewer call-backs.

Highest quality micro-fine suspension formulation; This ensures CYPERTHOR stays in suspension in your tank longer to give you optimal results. More importantly it ensures the particles of alpha-cypermethrin penetrate the insect cuticle more effectively resulting in faster control.

High quality water-based suspension concentrate; To give you improved residual performance, odourless and no visible residues.

No hydrocarbon solvents; Which means no worries about staining, no odour and no damage to your equipment, seals or pumps.

Approved for use indoors and outdoors, in food handling premises, hospitals, etc; To give you maximum flexibility in your use of CYPERTHOR.

Rapidly metabolised in plants and mammals; Making it safe to use in even the most sensitive environments

Active Ingredients:

50 g/L alpha-cypermethrin

Insecticide Group:


Formulation Type:

Microfine suspension concentrate

Pests Controlled:

Cockroaches, spiders, ants, flies, fleas, silverfish

Pack Size / Code:

20 L - 4 x 5 L (CHECY1000.002)
5 L (CHECY1000.001)

Resistance Group:


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Technical Fact Sheet

Usage Booklet


AQIS Approval

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5 L 


 5 L

1 L

CYPERTHOR is a registered trademark of Ensystex, Inc. used under licence in Australia by Ensystex Australasia Pty Ltd and in New Zealand by Ensystex New Zealand Ltd.