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With its discreet design, the HARRIER NOVA™ is recommended for use in supermarkets, warehouses, stores and industrial environments.
The unit can be ceiling mounted with 2 metal chains and offers easy maintenance and service. Easy to service, stylish and effective; the HARRIER NOVA™ offers it all.
Effective and proven design
The ABS plastic housing offers a light but strong body, easy to handle.
Glueboard placed discreetly behind the lamp, which offers optimised performance.

4 x ASTRON 15 Watt SP UV lamps

Effective coverage of areas up to 160+ m2.

Easy to service with direct access to lamps and glueboards.

Meets ISO 9001 / RoHS & the CE standard. Unit is

HACCP compliant.

Durable quality components, industrial design.

The HARRIER NOVA™ is executed with a high frequency ballast. The electronic ballast also offers a high frequency light pulse which means the insect cannot distinguish the lamp from natural UV-A light so providing greater attraction.

2-years full guarantee on the mechanical aspects.