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BLATTATHOR® GEL Cockroach Bait

The Clear Solution for Cockroach Baiting. Advanced Gel Technology in a unique clear formulation. Highly palatable, highly active and no resistance worries.

The unique clear gel of Blattathor ensures the utmost discretion for your clients. But don't let Blattathor's clear colour fool you. It's unique blend of several highly palatable cockroach foods and feeding attractants combine to ensure that cockroaches readily feed, giving you great results.

The active ingredient in BLATTATHOR has strong credentials as a cockroach killer. Derived from a naturally occurring soil fungus, it is highly palatable and very potent to ensure you get optimal results. In addition to working as a strong killing agent with a unique mode of action, it also works as an insect growth regulator, upsetting nymphal growth, sexual maturity and egg laying. Quite simply this means that whilst with other, lesser cockroach baits you are advised to regularly change your bait due to resistance concerns, this is not necessary with BLATTATHOR. So now you only need one bait to solve all your cockroach problems.

BLATTATHOR works by attracting cockroaches to feed on the gel. Once they have fed on the gel they return to their harbourage where the natural insect toxin then kills the cockroaches. They die and then infect other cockroaches. This unique 'viral' effect give you optimal results.

Also available is the high-performance ACCUTHOR Gel Gun.

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AQIS Approval

BLATTATHOR Insect Monitor

BLATTATHOR Cockroach Trap

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 120 g

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BLATTATHOR is a registered trademark of Ensystex, Inc. used under licence in Australia by Ensystex Australasia Pty Ltd and in New Zealand by Ensystex New Zealand Ltd.