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AVITHOR E4 Deterrent Bird Spikes

AVITHOR E4 Deterrent Bird Spikes form a virtually invisible barrier when viewed from the ground, to deter birds from landing or nesting on protected surfaces. They are economically priced to protect all types of buildings and any type of surface. Ledges, roosting spots, chimneys, windows…..

With an effective protection width up to 160 mm they are suited to protect against pigeons, gulls, sea gulls and other medium to large sized birds.

AVITHOR E4 Spikes are made of the highest-quality Stainless Steel, with a Spike Diameter of 1.3 mm and a UV Stabilized Polycarbonate Base.

Spike dimensions are: 85 mm Low Height, 125 mm High Height; 130 mm Width, 500 mm Length.

They are jointly pliable to avoid injuring birds whilst preventing landing.

For site preparation we recommend cleaning first with AVITHOR GUANAWAY™.
Remove all bird droppings, dust, dirt and grease and allow surfaces to dry.

Secure with AVITHOR AVIS2001 Selfixing Silicone Sealant. If required, apply a primer on porous surfaces.

Alternatively, the spikes can be secured with screws or nails.

For more information:

AVITHOR E4 Leaflet
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