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High Performance, Adjustable, Stainless Steel Gel Gun.

The uniquely designed ACCUTHOR Gel Gun sucks the gel out of your gel tubes, ensuring a more accurate distribution and NO dripping. Other devices push a plunger through the gel tube, which creates an unstoppable flow of gel. In total contrast, the ACCUTHOR Gel Gun 'pulls' the gel out in the exact amounts you require. This means significantly less wastage and more accurate gel placement.

The ACCUTHOR Gel Gun is fully adjustable so you can control the amount of product dispensed, and it comes complete with a range of different tip sizes to give you total control over droplet sizes. It is a rugged design, constructed from stainless steel, to give you many years of accurate use.

When used with 30g classic professional gel tubes, 5 positions for accurate dosage are available, to give you just the right amount of gel for the treatment, ensuring the most precise and cost-effective placement.

The ACCUTHOR Gel Gun comes complete with a very professional belt carry pouch to hold the Gun, its fittings and two additional gel tubes.

Durable and dependable, the ACCUTHOR Gel Gun will pay for itself with the savings you make on your gel baits by eliminating waste. And your clients are sure to be impressed with your clean professional presentation.

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