NARA BLOCS monitor for rodent activity and determine the rodent species present.

NARA BLOCS are the first allergen free non-toxic rodent monitor. Allergen-management has become a major topic in many food production companies.

Food-based monitoring blocks have a critical disadvantage as they serve as food for rodents, helping them to survive and increase the risk of rising reproduction. Moreover, they are prone to mould formation in damp areas and are often infested by non-target organisms, e.g. flour beetles, cockroaches, ants and snails. This simply makes it impossible to determine the rodent species present. With NARA BLOCS from Ensystex you can identify the species present according to visible bite marks on the BLOCS.

In an idealised rodent management program, we should be minimising the use of toxic baits. Only after the determination of rodent activity should rodenticides be used. Thus NARA BLOCS should be your product of choice for rodent maintenance programs.

NARA BLOCS last up to 12 months indoors and outdoors, and are available in a range of flavours, so they really beat the features of any food-based monitor.

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NARA SPRAY is used to lay a trail to lure rodents into bait stations. The spray also masks plastic trap odours.

NARA SPRAY is a new innovation, based on the well-tested hunting practice, where hunters drag a dead rabbit to a trap to catch foxes.

NARA SPRAY is used to lure rodents from the bushes or holes into the station. Scientific trials showed that rodents are curious and follow the smell over large distances, even up to 40 m, with their sensitive noses - like an irresistible cookie trail. Simply spray a bait line into your RODENTHOR™ Stations.Rodent stations and traps are made of plastic. Plastic has its own chemical smell. If you hold a lighter to anything plastic it smells extremely toxic. This can be compared to what rodents smell when entering a rodent station. Rodents’ sense of smell is many times better than humans.

NARA SPRAY is used to seal away the plastic smell, making Stations more attractive to rodents. The scent lasts around 2-3 months and needs to be renewed, but after repeated application it will slowly soak into the stations. Renewing the scent every few months adds fresh attraction to stations luring in new generations of pests.One of the largest pest control companies in Europe has directed all their branches that every rodent trap, station and bait should be sprayed with NARA SPRAY!


GORILLA RODENT TRAPS with NARA LURES complete the current range. GORILLA TRAPS are the world´s toughest and most humane traps and are used with the allergen-free and long-lasting NARA LURE for rats and mice. Like the NARA BLOC these are allergen-free and mould resistant, and highly attractive to rats and mice.

Study data indicates that the proliferation of weaker, plastic break-back (snap) traps, often with ‘jaw’ type springs and smaller opening angles (designed so that users avoid touching working parts and dead animals), are of particular welfare concern and potentially kill rodents in a cruel and inhumane manner.

GORILLA TRAPS with CE certification and Government Approval by the German, Swedish (and more to follow) Environmental Government Offices, provide a unique humane control solution.Rats and mice are clever, and we have seen more and more cases of mice taking away the baits from traps and not being caught.

This can’t happen with GORILLA TRAPS and NARA LURES. A large pest management company in the UK just did a test of the very commonly used peanut butter vs NARA LURES and they found that NARA LURES caught close to 50% more mice, largely since mice are able, with other traps, to remove the peanut butter without being caught.

With break-back traps, the mouse needs to put pressure on the treadle in order to get caught. With other traps, more pressure is required to trigger the trap so the mouse can remove the ‘bait’ without being caught. This cannot occur with GORILLA TRAPS and NARA LURES, since only the slightest pressure is needed to trigger the trap, and the Lure is locked into the Trap.

GORILLA TRAPS also fit specified RODENTHOR Rodent Stations.This video here of mice being caught with GORILLA TRAPS, shows that the mouse needs to put pressure on the treadle in order to get caught. This is why with other traps, the mice can remove the ‘bait’ without being caught, but this cannot occur with GORILLA TRAPS and NARA LURES, since the Lure is locked into the Trap. These GORILLA TRAPS also fit specified RODENTHOR Rodent Stations.

And if you are in any doubt about the humane kill of our GORILLA TRAPS, check out this video here - we use a ‘crash test banana!’ to demonstrate their power.

And if you add the Emitter Beep™ unit, your trap ‘beeps’ loudly to let people know a rat or mouse has been caught. A great innovation when you’re setting traps in roof voids.