The AVITHOR NIGHTMARE Sound System uses ultrasonic sound waves from 10078 hertz up to 15354 hertz to discourage birds such as starlings and Indian mynas from roosting over night. The sound output is non-repeating, and even the output time is varied between 450 and 2500 milliseconds, so the birds do not become accustomed to the sound pattern.
The System is easy to install, requiring only a 12v power supply (included) which can be run from any standard mains power outlet. If there is no mains power available, you can use a regulated solar panel with battery backup; also available from Ensystex.

Designed to be installed on roofs, the AVITHOR NIGHTMARE system should only be used as part of a complete bird management program in conjunction with day-time control measures such as AVITHOR Bird Spikes; AVITHOR NET, EAGLE EYE, etc.

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