The Ensystex ENVIRONMENTAL ROOM MONITOR SYSTEM has been designed and developed in the field, and proven in more than 29,000 cases of bed bug infestations in Europe and the USA. It is sensitively guest branded and many thousands of them already go unnoticed in hotels, hostels and halls of residence overseas.

At the heart of the system is a very simple yet proven device – the Ensystex Passive Bed Bug Monitor. The Monitor measures approximately 120 x 90 mm and is less than 10 mm deep. It has a self-adhesive backing and is simply placed at the head end of the base of each bed. Placed discreetly, the exact positioning depends on the design of the bed.

To a bed bug, the Passive Monitor provides the ideal living accommodation for it to hide in and digest its meal. It is designed in such a way that bed bugs defecate before they enter the Monitor, thus providing evidence of an infestation, which is easily visible on the white skirt at the base of the Monitor. The ultimate secret to the great success of the Monitor is that it can be easily inspected by the hotel’s own housekeeping team. Once a week, housekeeping checks the Passive Monitor for signs of bed bug activity. It takes only a few seconds of their time. If there is no activity they simply tick the weekly check box. This is repeated for the life of the Monitor (Monitors are replaced after 12 months).

Passive Monitors are designed to provide an early warning system to indicate the initial signs of bed bug activity in a commercial or residential setting. It is important to understand that they will not assist with the decontamination of infected locations and should only be used as part of an integrated pest management approach.

The key benefits of this approach are:

• Catching an infestation early limits its spread where it is easier and less costly to resolve.

• Works with the bed bugs natural biology and behaviour.

• Provides the perfect quality assurance check for bed bug treatments.

• Bed bugs are induced to leave faecal traces on the detection skirt - an easy way to confirm if they are present.

• The perfect harbourage provides a place for female bed bugs to lay their eggs - where they can be easily removed.


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