One of the most common signs of bed bug infestations, are faecal spots, yet they are also one of the hardest to accurately identify! CIMETHOR Bed Bug Blue™ is a simple and inexpensive test kit designed to aid in the confirmation of faecal spots left behind by hidden bed bugs. It makes a perfect complement to the ENSYSTEX ENVIRONMENTAL ROOM MONITORING SYSTEM After just one minute you will be able to determine if the black spots are from bed bugs or not! CIMETHOR Bed Bug Blue includes:

  • 1 bottle of developer fluid
  • Cotton swabs
  • Test card

CIMETHOR Bed Bug Blue will turn blue if the spots are bed bug faecal spots, whether they are new or old (up to 2 years old!) provided of course that the spotting has not been wiped down with cleansers or other chemicals. 

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