Why Are Led Lamps Better for Fly Light Traps?

Fly control is extremely important for businesses that operate in a contamination-free environment. All such organisations need an effective fly management solution suitable for their specific environments. Compared to traditional fly light traps, the ones using LEDs are now considered to be better in terms of their environmental profile, with leading providers able to claim similar or greater efficacy, e.g., Astron LED lamps.

Let’s us find out why LED fly light traps have now emerged as the leading choice for effective fly control and management.


Many of you may already know that LED bulbs are significantly more energy efficient compared to conventional light and fluorescent bulbs. A typical light trap with fluorescent tubes uses three times as much electricity.

Light output and light spectrum play a critical role in attracting flies. Many LED lamps struggle to provide light in the optimal spectrum, but leading lamps, such as the Astron LED, provide light in the spectrum required to best capture flies.

Standard fluorescent tubes need to be replaced after about one year. in contrast, LED lamps can last up to three years. Therefore, compared to fluorescent tubes, LED lamps not only use less electricity, they also stay effective for a longer period, meaning less landfill waste.


Fluorescent lamps operate using several hazardous chemicals including lead and mercury, that can pose a safety risk, when disposed of. In addition to mercury, these lamps also contain various metallic and rare earth phosphor salts as well as tungsten electrodes coated with barium, strontium, and calcium oxides. On the other hand, LEDs lamps don’t have any hazardous component that can escape into the environment.

Attractiveness to flies:

The photoreceptors present in the eyes of a housefly are tuned to wavelengths in the region of 350 nanometres. LED lamps can produce intense light in the UV spectrum’s most sensitive part that can be seen by flies. As indoor environments have very little UV light, flies see the LED lamps as bright sources of light and get easily attracted to them.

Greater reach:

At Vectothor, we offer environmentally responsible fly light traps that are highly effective. Utilising revolutionary Dynamic Oscillation Pulse Technology, our LED fly light traps produce optimised UV-A light to match the vision spectrum of houseflies and ensure high catch rates. Please contact our experts today to find out more about effective fly control and management.
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