Tips for Proper Usage and Maintenance of Fly Light Traps

Over the years, many different fly control and management measures have been used around the world. Out of all these methodologies, fly light traps have now emerged as a preferred alternative because of their benefits. However, if you are looking to make the most out of them, you should be able to ensure proper usage and maintenance of your fly light traps. When used and maintained in the right way, these units can be extremely effective at both monitoring as well as killing flies.

Mentioned below are some maintenance and usage tips that can help fly light traps function at the peak level of performance.

Using Fly Light Traps:

As far as the right usage of these units is concerned, location and positioning of the light trap is of prime importance.

Light traps should be installed either on a wall adjacent to the entryway or perpendicular to it. To avoid attracting outdoor flies, it is important that the attractant light is not visible from outside.

Avoid other sources of light that may compete with your trap and don’t place the traps in areas that are brightly lit.

Don’t place anything in front of the light traps so that the flies are able to see the light without any obstruction. These units are most effective when flies are funnelled into narrow spaces. Therefore, fly light tarps installed along the path to processed or stored food are highly effective.

In food-processing premises, traps should be placed so that the flies are drawn away from the food and food preparation areas.

To trap overwintering flies, place traps in drop ceilings or attics. Never place your light traps in areas with strong air currents.

Fly Light Trap Maintenance:

Please remember to regularly dust off the lamps. Also, clean the unit, and the lamps at least quarterly using warm, soapy water. NB You MUST always unplug the units before doing any maintenance. You should also check for loose electrical connections or damaged wires.

As a part of routine maintenance, empty the collection trays and clean them on a regular basis. Dead flies left in the trays may attract other insects. Therefore, clean them before it’s full of insects. A small paint brush can be used for this purpose.

Glueboards become ineffective when they are dusty or full of dead flies and debris. Even if they are clean, glueboards will eventually dry out. When replacing your glueboards, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Most fly light traps require the lamps to be replaced at least once every year. The lamps still look like they are working, but unless you use a UV-A meter, you would never know as UV-A light is invisible to the human eye. In the case of cheap lamps, they are often stop emitting UV-A light within 3-months and are no longer able to attract flies!

Vectothor lamps are guaranteed to last 12-months and Vectothor also sells a UV-A meter so you can check for yourself that the lamps are working.

If you want to find out more about fly light traps and their usage or maintenance, please get in touch with our experts.

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