The Air160 Air Purifier, for All Residential Air Freshening

If the air quality in your home is not good enough for your liking, you may have considered what you can do to freshen the place up. If you are looking to provide pure, refreshing air for your home and its occupants, Vectothor’s Air160 is definitely the product for you. You might have a lot of pets, or be a smoker, or concerned about airborne viruses or bacteria. Either way, you’re probably seeking to freshen things up in the home. Fans and air conditioning are not the best option to do so, as they simply recycle the air that is already circulating in your home. The Air160, however, uses high quality filters to remove particulates from the air and UV-C light from a Philips 60 W lamp to destroy bacteria and viruses. It leaves your home smelling and feeling clean at all times.

The Vectothor Air160 is highly effective at eliminating biological micro-organisms, and removing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke and other volatile organic compounds from the atmosphere. Airborne bacteria and viruses won’t stand a chance against the Philips UV-C light. Neither will carbon monoxide escape from the 3M filter if you live near a main road full of cars.

Formaldehyde is a common chemical present in more than 3,000 household products and may cause cancer. The Air160 will filter this out of the air. In the same regard, volatile organic compounds that can easily become vapours will be removed from the air in your home. You won’t have to worry about the smell from paint thinners, moth repellents, glues, aerosol sprays or dry cleaning fluids about the house any longer.

This fabulous air purifier is suitable for areas up to 300m3. The device circulates up to 50m3 of air per hour. Air is drawn into the underside via a high-performance, low noise fan and is expelled out the top of the unit. This creates good air circulation. Air within the chamber is disinfected using the Phillips UV-C lamp and an ionizer. The radiation from the lamp tears apart viruses, bacteria, moulds and other micro-organisms on a molecular level. This keeps the air fresh and clean.

Standard functions include time monitoring to keep a record of how long the device has been operating. This allows you to maximise the efficiency of the device. The Vectothor Air160 also features reduced noise levels and a compact unit size, making it the perfect addition for any residence, no matter how big or small.

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