The Air 160 Purification System

It’s particularly important to keep in mind the quality of air within your home in today’s circumstances. The advent of the global coronavirus pandemic provides a good reason to keep the quality of air within the home clean. There are many products on the market that claim to purify the atmosphere within the home. None are as efficient or effective as the Vectothor Air 160.

The Air 160 purifier uses three different innovative technologies to eliminate contaminants and micro organisms from the air within your home. Filtration systems, UV-C Light disinfection and air ionization are used in tandem to improve air quality.

Filtration removes airborne particles and pollutants from your home. The hospital grade mesh traps particles that are harmful to the human body because of their size. These particles are moved to a disinfectant chamber where an anti microbial agent destroys the particles. As well as destroying bacterium, the filter increases the efficiency of the air conditioning system in your home by trapping dust.

The second stage of the purification process uses UV-C radiation. Radiation destroys the DNA of viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi and other micro organisms and prevents their reproduction. It is completely harmless to humans but will provide clean air that is much healthier to breathe.

The final process used to clean the air within the home is ionization. The Air 160 purifier launches 8.5 million negatively charged ions into the air as it leaves the UV-C radiation chamber. These negatively charged ions form compounds with the positively charged molecules that bacteria use to travel. These become heavy and sink to the ground where they’re captured by another filter.

Poor air quality within the home can lead to several detrimental health effects. Allergic and asthmatic symptoms, lung cancer and chronic lung problems can manifest when dust, allergens and other micro organisms are present. It’s worth investing in an air purifier to keep your home fresh and your lungs as healthy as can be.

The Vectothor Air 160 is most effective against:

  • Biological organisms
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Volatile organic compounds

All of these and more will no longer be present in your home following purchase of a Vectothor Air 160 purifier. One device is effective at purifying indoor air quality to a degree of 99.99% – within smaller areas of up to 300m3.

The Air 160 purifier is a standalone plug-and-play system. It’s easy to service, looks stylish and very effective at purifying the air within your home. To place an order today, head to our products page or get in contact with us to place a bulk order.

Vectothor have been providing air purification systems for decades now. We understand what it takes to keep your home air supply fresh. Contact us for more information.

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