Fly Control: Methods and Best Practice

The Australian climate is home to over 150,000 species of flies who breed just about anywhere and who love buzzing around unfortunate human victims, leaving them angry and frustrated. Waking up in the middle of the night to the low-pitched buzzing of a fly flying around is one of life’s worst happenstances. The difficulty of killing a fly in the dark (or any other time, really) is paramount, and this difficulty is only compounded when ineffective tools are used. There are a plethora of techniques that can be used to repel and kill flies within the home or business, here are just a few:


Insect repellent is one effective method for preventing those annoying winged insects from enjoying a human snack, particularly outdoors. Insect repellent is available from a variety of well-known household brands and works by making the areas of skin covered by repellent invisible to insects. Insect repellent is easy to apply and isn’t location-exclusive, meaning once it’s applied you can walk about without fear of being bothered. However, insect repellent must be applied every two hours which can be inconvenient. Repellent can also cause irritation, especially if accidentally entered into the eyes, nose or mouth. This problem is especially common for kids who are inexperienced at applying repellent and are sometimes put off by the smell.

Mosquito Coils

Mosquito coils are another particularly effective trap that involve burning a coil of material, offensive to insects, over the course of an hour. Mosquito coils clear the area of flying insects quite rapidly can be an effective outdoor solution for small groups; when camping or hanging out in the backyard during the evening. They don’t smell and the smoke is unobtrusive, however mosquito coils can manifest clouds of insects just outside the area of effect which, in turn, results in people getting bugged whenever they leave the proximity of the coil.

Pest Management Lighting

Experts have been aware of the effects of UV lighting on insects for over seventy five years. The light waves emitted by pest management lighting are in the range of the light spectrum that is highly attractive to insects. Drawn in by the bright light, flies (and other winged insects) are then trapped by a temperature-optimised glue board and starve to death. Just like at a party, where the most aggressive partygoers are unable to resist the dance floor, flies living in an environment containing pest management lighting are unable to resist the allure of the lighting. Pest management lighting is a highly effective long-term solution for controlling flies around your whole house or business space and Vectothor has an impressive range suitable for any situation.

Get in contact with us today via phone or email to discuss your pest management needs. We’ll ask a few questions about the area of your property that requires pest management lighting and will then make recommendations about the most effective product or products for your needs. Enjoy a fly-free home today!

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