Effective Fly Control Tips for Warehouses

Out of all flying insects, flies cause maximum damage to business establishments. Flies can be a profound problem for warehouses that store materials such as food, grain, or beverages. These tiny flying insects can ruin the inventory of a warehouse in no time by eating and laying eggs on different stored products. Not to forget, they are also capable of carrying and spreading many different diseases to human beings.

Flies can be hard to control because of their number and size. In Australia, the most commonly found flies include houseflies, fermentation flies, and blowflies. All these types have their own distinct breeding and feeding habits. Luckily, it is possible to control flies by deploying proper preventative measures.

Why are Flies Attracted to Warehouses?

Before discussing the fly control tips, it is important to understand what attracts flies to a warehouse. Typically, warehouses are larges spaces often with areas of stale air. Clutter may build up and mold may grow in dark pockets in a warehouse. These often forgotten areas are ideal places for flies to thrive. Once inside, they tend to infest the entire warehouse particularly if there are any stale air spaces as staging grounds. As a warehouse owner or manager, please remember that it all starts with just a small, unnoticed corner.

Structural Prevention: This is the most effective way to prevent or reduce fly contamination.

Window and door screening: Doors, windows, and ventilation points are the most important ingress points for flies. These entry paths can be eliminated by placing insect screens on all these points and maintaining them properly.

Door opening and closure: Frequent opening of doors creates an excellent opportunity for flies to enter a space. Automated door systems can be installed to keep this open time to the absolute minimum.

Air curtains: In a warehouse, certain doors need to remain open at all times. Air curtain can be installed at these points and the airflow should always be in an outwards direction.

Door and window seals: Flies may also make their way into a facility through a faulty seal. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all doors, ventilation units, and windows are properly sealed.

Proper air conditioning: It has been observed that flies are not comfortable in cool and low odour environments. Well maintained air conditioning and ventilation systems can make your space unattractive to flies.

Some other Measures:

Several other measures can be implemented to prevent fly infestation in warehouses.

  • There should be no flowering plants within 10 meters from any entry or exit point.
  • Regular clearing and cleaning of all garbage beans, pathways, furniture, etc.
  • Odour management by regular cleaning of filters and exhaust outlets.
  • Waste management by ensuring that all trash is kept in sealed bags and cleared regularly.

So far, we have discussed some of the ways to prevent and manage fly infestation in warehouses. Unfortunately, infestations do happen even after implementing all these measures. If you notice any such signs in your warehouse, contact Vectothor without any delay whatsoever. Our eco-friendly fly light traps are ideally suited for all types of commercial facilities.

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