EXTERRA EVER-READY has proven its effectiveness across a range of test locations and station types. In every case, the termites have consumed the bait in a few short weeks, validating once again the palatability and attractiveness of Requiem Termite Bait.

Yet again EXTERRA EVER-READY guarantees the demise of termite colonies across a range of termite species.

Brookvale Test Site – Active Schedorhinotermes

EXTERRA EVER-READY In-Concrete station 

  • Bait disk sack totally consumed

North Avoca Test Site - Active Schedorhinotermes

EXTERRA EVER-READY In-Ground Station #13

  • Total bait consumption and station then rebaited with a new sack. 


EXTERRA EVER-READY In-Ground Station #14

  • EXTERRA EVER-READY Bait disk sacks totally consumed.

Wisemans Ferry Rural Test Site – Nasutiterme Ground Mound

  • Installed EXTERRA EVER-READY bait sack into ground mound nests to test consumption and palatability. 


  • On return, the Requiem bait disks & hessian sack were totally consumed.


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