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Avithor products leave your buildings protected and the birds safe and unharmed.

The Avithor systems also make bird control simple. With Avithor and the support of your Ensystex team, all trained by SEL, we aim to de-mystify bird control. Simply follow the simple steps outlined here and you're sure of success!

The Avithor range is brought to you by Ensystex, in partnership with SEL of France. SEL are the largest manufacturer in Europe, producing the world's finest and most innovative range of bird management systems. Consequently Avithor delivers to you a tremendous amount of hands-on experience and technical expertise, together with a unique range of bird management systems. Avithor gives you leading edge solutions and provides significant benefits over other systems.

The Avithor range has been used to protect some of the world's finest buildings: in Paris - The Louvre Museum; the Arc de Triomphe; Sacr� C�ur; Cathedral of Notre Dame; Louis Vuitton at the Champs Elys�e. And elsewhere: Parliament House, Quebec; the Guggenheim Museum, New York; the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC; the Olympic Stadium in Fukuoka, Japan; the Basilica of St Mark, Venice; Ch�teau Romer, Frankfurt; the Sheraton Hotel, Casablanca; the Monastery of Coimbra, Portugal; and Geneva Airport are just a few of the thousands of buildings protected in over 38 countries.

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