A truly eco-friendly, poison free solution, using no chemicals, representing a huge progression in rodent control technology.

GOODNATURE Key Features:

  • Intelligent - GOODNATURE E2 Trap humanely kills the target pest, and then automatically resets itself, ready for the next invader.
  • Simple and effective - the GOODNATURE E2 Trap was originally developed for use in large scale conservation programs.
  • Non-toxic - Operating it is a breeze. And no concerns about secondary toxicity affecting raptors or other protected predators.
  • Adaptable - The E2 is specifically designed for killing rats and mice.
  • Constructed for use in the toughest wilderness environments - it is equally at home around factory fencelines, in subfloors, attics or the backyard.
  • Humane Standard Approved - Class A for rats, the best rating possible for humane kill. No other trap kills instantly like the Goodnature E2 to meet this Standard.
  • Multi-kill technology - Powered by a small CO2 cylinder it provides patented, multi-kill technology; designed to kill up to 24 rats or mice on a single charge.

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